NY, Chicago, and LA assistant editors get together for competitions called “Camp Kuleshov” where they edit a trailer for a film into a completely different genre from the original. This is Caleb…

This is a short little animated video that gives the fundamental elements of design. Now its time for you to design something fancy.

A kitty in a box ninja attacks a kitty not in a box. Unfortunately, the white kitty has some skills of its own.

Would you like to see a macro sized working model train? Of course you would! Here is a very tiny train scene compared to a ball point pen tip and a comparatively really large dime.


Would you like to see an audience member from an 80s talk show perform a whistle cover of “Georgia on My Mind?” Of course you would! And if you thought you didn’t, watch anyways. You are welcome.

This is the class of the Sullivan School kindergarten classes doing their best to be like the Ramones and sing their version of “Judy is a punk.” This is pretty adorable.


This kitty is having a fun time playing in this box and trying to get the missing piece to go back onto the box.

Here are a bunch of cute little kitties watching some ice skating on TV. No one told them that they can’t actually catch the ice skater but they seem to have fun figuring it out.

This is an animated tribute to the movie “Drive” – in a sort of graphic novel style. This is pretty cool. Warning – cartoon gore.

What better way to learn the history of the world then by a super cute little stop motion video? I love the craft project vibe of this – look at the little strings!