have you seen this?!

Jan 04

road rage -

This little animation shows that road rage is not nice and you basically have to wait in traffic no matter where you go – even in space.


Jan 02

a short history of the modern calendar -

This is a short history of the modern calendar so if you ever wondered why our months and days are the way they are but never looked into it – you are in luck!

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Jan 01

happy new year! -

Wishing you a fabulous 2012!

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Dec 29

kitty attacks birthday card -

This kitty is not happy about the singing birthday card its owner has and is all about attacking the card. Don’t worry kitty, I would attack that card too.


Dec 26

transforming gingerbread house -

Not sure what to do with all of the leftover gingerbread you have lying around after the holidays? Perhaps this transforming gingerbread house will inspire you.

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Dec 25

kitty meets saxophone santa -

This is Tom the Katt and he is not too sure about this saxophone Santa next to him. I wonder if Santa will leave something under the tree for him?


Dec 24

santa academy -

Have you ever wondered where Santas get their Santa skills from? Why, the Santa Academy of course! Who knew Santa had to train so hard!

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Dec 21

drunk history christmas -

Oh happy day! Drunk History is back and even better – Ryan Gosling appears in the skit. Here is the drunken version of “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.”

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Dec 20

michel gondry swedes taxi driver -

When Michel Gondry released “Be Kind, Rewind” it inspired many others to create their own low budget “sweeded” versions of films (see Swedish tag below). A few years later, Gondry decided to get in…

Dec 17

kitty is a personal masseuse -

This kitty is practicing its massage skills on this guy. I wonder if it has its license yet?